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Chris on stage

Based near Bristol, we cater to clients across the UK especially in London and Bristol, such as Universal/Sony/EMI/Bill Kenwright etc.We work with you to ensure that we deliver a quality product that is specific to your requested requirements. We enjoy the work we do and look forward to working with you in creating music and soundtracks.

About Chris

Hi and thanks for visiting the website, I'm Chris the Director of Big Frog Music and thought you might like to know a bit more about the man behind the company.

I started at the age of 8 to learn the saxophone and later the clarinet. This wetted my appetite for music which progressed onto the guitar and keyboards as well as realising that I could sing along to the Beatles without hurting myself or anyone around me.
I later gained a lot of experience singing and playing in the Rank Organisation Ballrooms with a resident band and I also learnt about studio techniques, arranging, producing and songwriting at a studio in Bournemouth called Arny's Shack, where I came into contact with a lot of the old 60's bands such as 'The Troggs' 'Freddie and the dreamers' 'Dave Dee dozy....' as well as people such as Andy Summers of 'Police' and Robert Fripp of 'King Crimson'.

This eventually led on to a chance to produce for Atlantic Records and get myself a publishing deal with 'Island'. I was eventually introduced to a songwriter called Russ Ballard {"Since you been gone" "So you win again" etc} from the band 'Argent' and we immediately formed a songwriting friendship that is just as strong today and has resulted in us winning the 2001 Song for Europe....{no we didn't get 'nil points' thankfully!!} and collaborating on Russ's various albums as well as placing our songs with artists.

Two years ago we were introduced to a black South African tenor called Siphiwo Ntshebe, and we recorded his voice on a track we had written called "HOPE". This was heard by Nelson Mandella who asked if he could record a message of Hope onto the recording and it was subsequently used this year at the opening of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and is the official song for his 'Hope' charity. Unfortunately the singer siphiwo tragically died a few days before the ceremony but it was performed in his honour by another singer, it just goes to show that life doesn't give you everything.

Big Frog studios has been fortunate to produce music for companies such as Universal/Sony/EMI/Lotus/MG/ITV/BBC/Bill Kenwright... however our doors are always open should you wish to record yourself for maybe 'X Factor' or 'Britain's got Talent' or just for the sheer hell of it!!! and I have been known to give the odd saxophone or studio vocal tuition, so never feel your job is too small for Big Frog because everybody has to start somewhere, so it might as well be at Big Frog Studios.

Cheers for now

Chris Winter

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