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Local Services

Local Recording & Tuition Services

'X Factor' or 'Britain's got Talent'....

If you can already sing or play an instrument, why not get yourself recorded onto a CD to a 'backing track' of your choice and send a copy into 'X Factor' or 'Britain's got Talent',we can usually get hold of 'backing tracks' for you or if you're a talented youngster who plays an instrument, what a great present to give someone. I'm sure your grandparents would prefer it to 'Bungy Jumping' lessons.

Saxophone Lessons....

Here at Big Frog Music we also cater for people at the'Learning' or what we'd call the 'Interested' stage. For instance, if you'd always wanted to play the Saxophone but never got 'round to it now is your chance because Big Frog also offer Tenor, Alto and Soprano sax lessons at reasonable rates for those starting out, it's not as hard as you may think, if you've ever played the recorder you're half way there.

Vocal Studio Technique....

People can often sing but to sing in a studio with Headphones can be a somewhat 'daunting' experience. It needn't be, in fact it can be quite exciting to hear yourself for the first time. Big Frog offer time in a relaxed studio with a professional to help you, who knows? you may be the next Sinatra or Celine Dion.

Songwriting and Lyric Tuition

If you are an aspiring songwriter or like the idea of learning to write lyrics then we offer lessons and help in starting this exciting & rewarding experience.

"The Gift of Music"

BIG FROG MUSIC STUDIO'S are excited about our new venture "The Gift of Music"
This takes the form of a day's recording experience in the studio for vocalist's or
instrumentalist's alike, which can be given as a unique Gift for a birthday, anniversary or
Xmas present ending in a customised printed CD which in turn could be duplicated for
friends & family or even used to showcase your ability to the music industry.

To view our gift of music editorial piece click here



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