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Record Productions and arrangements.....

2010 Wrote & produced the song "HOPE" which featured and was Nelson Mandella's choice as his charity anthem to be performed for the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.
2009 Cast Album for Bill Kenwright/Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Joseph..... 2009 Mark Read {Band A1} album "Peace at Last"
2009 "It's not too late" Helen Jayne McKellar album
2008 Album "Craig & Anthony" for Universal/Bill Kenwright
2008 "The Classic Chillout album for Sony Music
2007 'Dream On" album for Bill Kenwright
2006 Top Ten album for Universal of Peter Grant "New Vintage"
2006 Russ Ballard album "The Book of Love" String arrangements
2004 Claire Sweeney album for Telstar
2004 Adam Watkiss album for Decca
2003 'Malachi' Album for Universal
2000 'Roberto Alagna' "The Xmas Album" for EMI Classics
1995 "Echo Bridge" Colin Blunstone Album
Russ Ballard album for Interchord {Germany} "The Seer"
Numerous "Chillout" albums for Don Reedman
"Pure Harmony" comp album for Warner Bros
"Accoustic Essentials" for BMG

LibraryAlbums..... DeWolfe/ EMI Music House "Drama Casebook"/ Active Music.

Publishing Deals.....

BMG Publishing, Island, Polygram and EMI Publishing

TV & Corporate Work....

2010 Piers Morgan's "World Cup South Africa" ITV
2010 Marco Pierre's Kitchen Burnout..Theme for sponsors "Appletiser"
2006 Twix advert featuring Peter Grant "The New Professionals" 13 part TV series sold worldwide for David Wickes Co
Wheel of Fortune {America}
Backtracks for "Fame Academy" and "Celebrity Fame Academy for Endemol
Richard Digence Cartoon "TIDINGS" for Cartoon Network
13 year {still running} series "Dudley" cooking prog for S4C/OPUS TV
20 years music for HTV Wales and S4C/SKY/Anglia
2004 Corporate video soundtrack for launch of "MG X Power" new car.
2009/10 Corporate video soundtrack for launch of new LOTUS EVORA.


Winner of "Song for Europe"2001 'No Dream Impossible'
Silver Award at the New York Film & TV Festival for HTV Wales
BAFTA at Welsh TV Awards for 'Sianco TV'
Silver Award at Montrose for 'Gethan a Brenda' for Apollo TV.

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