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The Gift of Music


"The Gift of Music"

BIG FROG MUSIC STUDIO'S are excited about our new venture "The Gift of Music". This takes the form of a day's recording experience in the studio for vocalist's or instrumentalist's alike, which can be given as a unique Gift for a birthday, anniversary or Xmas present ending in a customised printed CD which in turn could be duplicated for friends & family or even used to showcase your ability to the music industry. With regard to vocalists, we are able to supply backing tracks in most cases and even accommodate a couple of friends who might want to sing a-long at a small extra fee. We feel it's a fantastic experience to spend a day hearing yourself being recorded and then sitting with the engineer to add reverb and effects and then mix your recording before finally leaving with your very own personalised CD.

Submitted by Chris Winter on Friday 26th November 2010

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